Boogaloo Stu’s Pop Kraft
It’s hot, wild and sexy! It’s naughty! It’s nice! Oh you know, it’s just totally fab! It’s a proper saucy old seaside knees-up! It’s a Ritzy Risqué Discothéque! So put on your sequins and cha-cha heels and join us from 11pm at the GDS for a totally wild’n’crazy sexed-up disco experience, with crafty activities…you can usually expect the following:

- explosive pop party anthems supplied by your esteemed DJ’s the Size Zero Albino and MC Cashback!
- exquisite flashmob dances courtesy of the Sparklemotion Showponies!
- hairdressers to the stars Delores Darling gives you a massive beehive, enormo-quiff or a scissor-sharp mohawk!
- get a Vadge Badge from Boogaloo Stu’s Vadge Badgeteria!
- blow, tie and twist the night away in our Balloon Modelling Masterclass!
- make yourself an Incredible Edible Vegetable Animal!
- wild uninhibited fashion modelling! Crowd-surfing!! WOW!!!

Forthcoming dates TBC